A major goal of the National Numeracy Network (NNN) is the support of Math/QR/QL support centers.  As colleges admit a wider range students, these support centers are increasingly necessary so that all students can succeed. 

This site will feature articles and conferences of interest to those managing these centers.   A major resource is the newly released "Handbook for Directors of Quantitative & Mathematics Support Centers."

Front Matter, Grace Coulombe, Mary B. O'Neill, and Michael Schuckers

01. Introduction, Mary B. O'Neill


Center Leadership and Management

02. Effective Management, Rosalie Tepper

03. Responding to Institutional Needs, Ja'Wanda S. Grant

04. Addressing Diversity, Ibrahim Rosic

05. Strategic Planning and Budgeting, Gail Hilyard

06. Incorporating Technology, Maria Belk

07. Math Anxiety and the Impact on QMaSC Services, Gail Hilyard


Community Interactions

08. Coordinating with Institutional Administration, Frederick L. Van Swearingen

09. Outreach and Promotion, Laurie Wern Overmann

10. Building Effective Quantitative and Math Faculty Development, Matthew Salomone and Kathryn Bjorge

11. Course Collaboration Models, Eric Gaze

12. Virtual Presence, McKayla Nuffer


Staffing, Hiring, and Training

13. Staffing and Hiring, Christine Tinsley

14. Training Materials and Methods, Johnathan Nelson

15. Practice and Mentoring, Cymra Haskell


Center Assessment

16. Internal Evaluation and Reporting, Tiana Bosley

17. Reporting Assessment Findings to External Audiences, Rachel M. Dunwell, Grace Coulombe, and Michael E. Schuckers

18. Center Staff Feedback, Dennis Lewandowski


Starting a Center

19. Defining Staff Roles, Darry Andrews and Carolyn Johns

20. Hiring a Director, George Recck

21. Designing a QMaSC Space, Eileen M. Phillips


Case Studies

22. Case Study: Symbolic and Quantitative Resource Center at Lewis & Clark College, Margot Black

23. Case Study: Math and Computer Science Academic Support Services at Bethel University, Patrice Conrath

24. Case Study: The Mathematics & Statistics Workshop at Bates College, Grace Coulombe

25. Case Study: Math Learning Center at Oregon State University, Thomas Dick

26. Case Study: The William B. Law Learning Commons at Tallahassee Community College, Vera L. Mayes

27. Case Study: The Spinelli Center for Quantitative Learning at Smith College, Catherine McCune

28. Case Study: Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning Center at Hamilton College, Mary B. O'Neill

29. Case Study: The Math Study Center at the University of Washington, Patrick T. Perkins

30. Case Study: Quantitative Learning Center at UConn, Tom Roby

31. Case Study: Peterson Quantitative Resource Center at St. Lawrence University, Michael Schuckers

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