Numeracy is the premier peer-reviewed journal of the quantitative literacy movement. It is inter-disciplinary, drawing authors from math, the natural and social sciences, and the humanities.  The journal is open access with no fee or membership required for authors or readers.  Prospective authors are not required to review other submissions as part of their submission.

Readership:  Numeracy has an international readership.  This map shows the location of the Numeracy readers in a single day.  [Note: Many of the 243 dots for Jan 8, 2017 overlap]

Statistics:   As of year-end 2016, Numeracy hosted 184 papers.  In the past year it had 45,131 downloads (140,178 downloads since inception).

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Background:   Numeracy (ISSN 1936-4660) is the open-access, peer-reviewed, electronic journal of the National Numeracy Network (NNN). Numeracy supports education at all levels that integrates quantitative skills across disciplines. This journal is supported by the University of South Florida Libraries.

The graphic in the banner above is “Wave of Numbers” by Beth Fratesi, c2007, inspired by “a world awash in numbers,” Mathematics and Democracy: The Case for Quantitative Literacy (NCED, 2001).

In 2015, Numeracy was awarded the Directory of Open-Access Journals (DOAJ) Seal for its high degree of openness and for adhering to best practices and high publishing standards.


       Len Vacher      Dorothy Wallace   Nathan Grawe   Michael Catalano

EditorH. L. (Len) Vacher, University of South Florida

Editor: Dorothy I. Wallace, Dartmouth College

Editor: Nathan D. Grawe, Carleton College

Book Review Editor: Michael T. Catalano, Dakota Wesleyan University

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